1Goal 1Day™ (Your Membership Reminders)

Hey! 👋 You're not alone

We all know the feeling of being busy and overwhelmed that we can't find the time to do what we want, or even feel like we have the energy to take care of ourselves.

It's exhausting, and it doesn't have to be this way!

This e-workbook of 1Goal 1Day™ is the most practical solution for busy people & professionals who want to achieve BIG GOALS by setting ONE SMALL GOAL ONE DAY AT A TIME.


Reminder #1

Use The E-Workbook & Get Messy With It


As part of your membership to the 1Goal 1Day™ Program, you are entitled to download The E-Workbook of 1Goal 1Day

✅ The E-Workbook of 1Goal 1Day™: 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK

Keep in mind that tools are only as good as how you use it.

Write on. Don't skim through.

Get creative. Fill it up.

This will not judge your handwriting, your thoughts, your fears, your happiness.

It will love you no matter what.

So be honest. Be open. Be vulnerable.


Reminder #2

Be Part of Our Messenger Accountability Group & Just Show Up. Every. Single. Day.


📌 Don't forget to download Messenger and be part of our online accountability community.

Declare your small habit (at least 1) in the Messenger group & update us within the day that you already accomplished it. For starters, it is recommended to declare one goal only. You can add two or more small habits depending on your preference & progress.

🎯 Download Messenger for Android: 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK

🎯 Download Messenger for iOS: 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK

🎯 Join our Messenger Group using this 👉 JOIN LINK

Note: Please use your mobile phone to join the Messenger Group as there are some problems when you use a PC or a tablet. Kindly wait within 24 hours before our approval.

Remember that you are a part of a wonderful (online) community that supports people in achieving their wildest dreams in life.

📌 Be it writing a book.

📌 Composing a new song.

📌 Getting healthy and lean.

📌 Learning something new.

📌 Even hiking a new mountain.

Again, declare to the group your goal/s. Update us when you are finished already within that day. Let us help you achieve them by doing "one single goal, every single day."


Reminder #4

Attend Our Weekly Zoom Meeting

As part of our commitment to help you much better, we are inviting you to our VIRTUAL 3M's: Meeting, Mentoring & Monitoring (Weekly)

Details: Every Saturday (From 2PM to 4PM, Philippine Time) Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 869 8893 0754

Passcode: 790 807

Note: Only for active members

 🎯 Zoom Weekly Meeting: 👉 LINK

Tip: You can bookmark this link already since this is a recurring meeting. 😉


Reminder #5

Download Other E-Books

As part of your membership to the 1Goal 1Day™ Program, you are entitled to different exclusive e-books written by Kein Chito such as:

 ✅ The 9 Secrets of Sticky Families (E-Book): 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK



✅ Confessions of an Ex-Seminarian (E-Book): 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK


✅ Start with P1,000 in Stock Market (E-Book): 👉 DOWNLOAD LINK 


Should you have any questions, please email hello@wekeindoit.com.

Thank you!


Kein Chito

Founder, 1Goal 1Day™ | "Small Habits. Big Impact."